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Friends and family are highlighted in this busy and bubbly year! Be a bit more cooperative and people will respond ten-fold, especially in the first three and the last three months. Clear thinking in October becomes generous opportunities in November.

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December and January may be full of visits and short trips, and perhaps a surprise houseguest or two. Go easy on yourself, particularly in March, and have energy left over for extra socializing and networking in July and August. Go out, see, and be seen.

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Have a toned down final month with friends and family - and perhaps a new main love to pamper you! Get the Libra full report now! Everything has been figured out, The Wheel of Fortune indicates that one is coming. But don't be too worried. I've told you that myself, many times.

My experince with some signs

It's true. They are. They've come through the purifying deluge of many incarnations, and they understand everything and everybody - except themselves.

Pisces was born tired. It's little wonder that the Fish is a trifle spiritually fatigued, considering all he's seen throughout so many incarnations.. It's exhausting. I'm a Pisces, and people say that Pisces make the best the best lovers. That's because Pisces are fish, and it's like my grandpa always used to say, "The next best thing to making love to a mermaid, is having sex with a fish. There is another side to the Pisces nature and that is the brutal honesty that can catch others off guard. Pisceans may get their feelings hurt easily because to them, there are no emotional boundaries.

Funny Quotes About Pisces

They feel practically everything. Chances are, while you can come across as introverted, the real reason for your apparent reserve is you're happy to be the life of your own party be it in your head or in your own space rather than follow the crowd. With Pisces, one is all, and all is love.

There is nothing "weak" about a Pisces.

Creepy Things About You According To Your Zodiac Sign

They have the heart of a soldier and when it comes to family and friends, they would do anything. Pisces men just never sound very convincing when they say things like "Shut up, and listen.

27 Astrology Memes All The Non-Believers Can Laugh At

You possess a unique, innate ability to see most aspects of most situations all at once! Pisces is THE most wobbly sign of the Zodiac. Start describing the ocean and you're getting closer to describing Pisces. Words like vast, deep, powerful, ever-changing come to mind perhaps. A Pisces can go from caring deeply to being very detached easily; fish are skittish.

True Pisces don't need weed to get high. We were born this way. She eyes me like a Pisces when I am weak. I've been locked inside your heart-shaped box for weeks. Pisces are some of the BEST motivational speakers but it's a different story when it's time to deal with their own problems.

Introduction to the 12 Zodiac Signs: From Aries to Pisces

Sometimes, a Piscean's emotions are so deep and so powerful words cannot express them. The world you are forced to inhabit does not match up to the world. To the Pisces man, love is just another dream, in which he, the dreamer, joyfully controls the world he's created in his imagination through his intuitive sense perceptions colored with muted pastels, fragile and changeable. The Pisces woman has a completely different view of time.


She feels that it's inexhaustible - there's always more of it tomorrow if any of it slips away from her today. And she believes one of the nicest ways to spend it is doing nothing. Especially after she's depleted her energies with a thousand and one duties of service to others, and her normally cheerful spirit is sagging at the seams. Time is best spent when possible, she feels, in just being herself, simply existing in the cool, green Pisces waters of calm contemplation.

It refreshes her soul.

I'm a Pisces - emotional. These quotes efficaciously brush through the multifaceted aspects that comes along with being born as a Piscean. While Rob Kardashian speaks of the emotional realm of this sign, Jarod Kintz, on the other hand, uses his witty sense of humor and gives a funny twist to the notion of Pisces being considered as the best lovers of the zodiac, which they invariably are! Right from scientists to actors to writers to singers to painters, Pisceans are the ocean of art and talent. Yes, they are moody, yes they can feel lost at times, but their vulnerability is the very source of their innate strength that turns the inner ripples into violent storms.

If others tell you that you are weak because you're a Piscean, tell them that being emotional ain't being weak, in fact, it is nothing but strong emotional energy that paves way for some legendary achievements in life. Share This. Pisces Man in Love. Pisces Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility. Sagittarius and Pisces Compatibility.

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