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In fact, Scorpio will relax right through it.

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Meditating your way into Summer will serve as a way to swim slowly into the new season," Stardust says. There's nothing to see here, Aquarius. Make the most of you-time this Solstice. If you feel any affect in the shift of astrological energy, take yourself for a walk to the ice cream parlor. Or, whatever self-care means to you. Talking about feelings comes naturally to you as astrological energy shifts from Gemini to Cancer.

The Solstice does not have your tongue.

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Eloquence is your domain. Ideas are shaped by empathy under this influence, so pay attention as you sign contracts or learn from the tender care of those closest to you. Consider how ideas passed down from your parents shape your intellect. Venus, the planet of beauty, has been in your sign for the past few weeks, so you may have been feeling yourself even more than usual. On Saturday, June 8 , Venus enters Gemini and brings its attractive powers to your house of personal resources.

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This helps you manifest those new moon intentions surrounding your self-esteem and money. After spending the first half of the month setting goals that have to do with being more self-sufficient, there is a full moon in Sagittarius on Monday, June 17 , which attracts the support of others as it illuminates your house of shared resources.

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Others are more generous under this influence, but this transit might cause some financial oversights later in the week. On Friday, June 21 the planet of deception, Neptune, begins its retrograde, stirring up some misunderstandings in your social networks on the summer solstice. The sun enters Cancer that same day, and this season brings you closer to those in your community.

However, you should be aware of the shapeshifting you do to fit into the crowd. Finding a group that shares your beliefs has been and will continue being a theme for you ,Taurus, as Neptune stays in Pisces from through Relationship harmony is essential to your wellbeing, and this moon suggests your health is supported by daily habits that connect you to oneness. Make it a priority to connect your gaze in a heart-felt way with someone else at work, and let them know how much you appreciate them and what they bring to your work life.

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Mercury, the planet of communication, and your ruling planet Venus both move into your sign on Saturday as forerunners to your upcoming birthday season. Scorpio, you can be very serious and like to face up to harder truths that others tend to avoid. With expansive, and possibly expensive Jupiter in a challenging aspect, watch for a blow out to your resources.

All might not be what it seems under rose-colored moonbeams.

Enjoy the good vibes while checking facts and details. Begin taking time out to contemplate and plan your next phase. Set the mood and create a ritual to claim your home or your room as a sacred space with candles and palo santo, then take time out to tap in. This will help clarify your grand plans and muster the energy you need to bring your current vision into reality.

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Enjoy synchronicity as you run into the right person at the right time who has a message for you. Taking five minutes out of your day every few hours will calm your nervous system and diffuse pressure you tend to build up by overworking.

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Expect to stay busy as Venus and Mars create extra buzz in one of your favorite spheres, career. Venus lends extra charm, so make the most of her stay by negotiating for any changes at work this week Think: salary, job description, or work-from-home days. Experimentation is often the key for you so feel out what works and be prepared. This is a powerful combo.

Taurus 12222 horoscope:

Belief is half the battle. Balance your ability to tune into your intuition and adapt seamlessly to new situations, including the practicalities of partnership.