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Libra Horoscope For Wednesday, October 9,

Our best astrologers. If you want to continue to enjoy the loving relationship that you actually desire with your partner, you will have to come out and talk openly about your feelings.

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  • This does not come easily to you. But if you take the way out and put on an indifferent front as you are wont to do, you will suffer a serious setback in your romantic life. Your partner wants a grand romantic gesture while you like to pretend that romance is not important for you at all.

    libra Horoscope

    Your partner has accommodated you till now, but things may reach a culminating point today. If you still do not come out with a declaration now, your partner will be hurt and disillusioned.

    Two personal planets in Scorpio and the season is starting to lean towards the mysterious nature of the eighth house. The Sun is in the sign of Libra until October 22nd, which keeps our attention on relationships and more playful ways of engaging with people. Mars is in the sign of Libra. Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio, so even though we have all the reasons to focus on good things only in our love life, some tension is brewing and changes are nearby.

    The Full Moon in Aries will arrive on October 8th. A Full Moon is a release of energy, and this one will square Pluto bringing about a little more dramatic energy to letting go and putting ourselves first. Today, the Libra Sun struggles to remain focused on practical matters as it squares Saturn and Pluto in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn says it's time to work and Libra wants to have fun and play. To find out more, look for your zodiac sign below to find out what's in store for you, according to astrology.

    Here is your horoscope for today, Tuesday, October 8, , plus a tarot card.

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    • Aries, Venus in the 8th house can mean you sense enhanced drive and physical vitality. You might feel more attracted to the unknown and even find your partner more intriguing. Today, the Moon in Aquarius trines Mars in Libra, so little adventures and a quick get-away to some dive restaurant with live music would make for a fun place to meet a friend and chat about whatever it is that's on your mind.

      Taurus, Venus brings out the sensual side to your nature and you'll want to keep the vibe going. Listen to jazz or make a new music set that you can listen to each day to remind you of the more pleasurable side of life.

      Libra Horoscope 12222: The Year To Live Out Your Dreams, Libra!

      Gemini, take care of your heart and remember that going overboard can actually be too much. You might really wish to dote on the one you love but pulling back just a bit can actually be the way to go. You can make plans ahead to give you both something fun and exciting to look forward to.